Resources and Features

Resources and Features

Colleges Highlights

Beyond Borders: A Narrative of Friendship, Learning, and Cultural Exploration

Diversity & Inclusion at United College – Committee on Inclusive Excellence

Build a Diverse and Inclusive College Environment

One Room, Two Cultures

60 Humans of CUHK

60 Humans of CUHK - D&I Festival

60 Humans of CUHK - D&I Ambassador

Committee Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

D&I Voices

【D&I Voices】EP06 Paralympic Athlete Wong Kwan Hang’s On-campus Experience

【D&I Voices】EP05 Dr. Wong Yuk Ying Sonia’s Aspiration of Gender Equality

【D&I Voices】EP04 UK Exchange Student James Bringing Everyone Together

【D&I Voices】EP03 Vegetarian Student Shuman Liu Advocating Food Diversity

【D&I Voices】EP02 Stand-up Comedian Vivek invites you to “play together

【D&I Voices】EP01 Honorary Fellow Yu Chui-yee’s Good Old Memories at CUHK

【D&I Voices】Teaser

Short Film Series on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Episode10 "Beyond the Frame"

Episode 9 "Curtis"

Episode 8 "Drowsiness"

Episode 7 "Mahria"

Episode 6 “On and Off Stage”

Episode 5 "Inclusion"

Episode 4 “Etiquette”

Episode 3 “Mind Your Words”

Episode 2 "Evil Thought"

Episode 1 "Stalking"


Carving Out a Space for Virtue Prof. Alan Chan on Diversity & Inclusion

D&I Week 2021 Opening Ceremony Highlights

Diversity & Inclusion Pledging Ceremony Highlights


Diversity and Inclusion Carnival (Published on "CUHK in Focus")

Smiling through the Storm - Powering through life with Ginenus Fekadu Mekonen

Friendship across Different Seas - A dialogue with the Armenia-Hong Kong dynamic duo

Feeling at Home in a Foreign Land - Varsha Suresh makes the best out of her university days


DIO Pamphlet

DIO Leaflet


Survey on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment on Campus 2022/23

CUHK Diversity and Inclusion Survey